Choosing the right hosting for your WordPress website is as important as the design and usability of the site.

Slow loading speeds

If your WordPress website hosting provider does not have the hardware or capacity to handle your traffic, your website will load slowly. This is a problem for consumers today. 50% of mobile users will abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load. Google now uses website speed as a ranking factor so slow websites can negatively impact your SEO. Google considers 2 seconds to be the minimum threshold for eCommerce websites. A half-second page load time is the maximum anyone should wait for a webpage to load. To learn more about this area, contact our technical SEO specialists.

Bandwidth penalty

Some WordPress website hosting providers penalise companies that use too much of their bandwidth. If you are paying excessive fees for traffic, it is time to find another provider. They are using the same bandwidth to host multiple websites, instead of giving high-traffic clients dedicated bandwidth. Smaller businesses may also find this a problem as they try to increase their traffic, but are unable to do so because of other websites using up bandwidth. Your business shouldn’t be punished for helping your website succeed. You should also have unlimited bandwidth available if you need it, even if it costs extra once you reach the limit. You do not want your website going offline just because your site is busy.

Poor WordPress website hosting security

Cybersecurity should not be taken lightly. Every year, attacks become more frequent, more sophisticated, and more destructive. Many organisations fail to realise that their web host could be a weakness in their defense. Security measures that depend on your efficiency more than yours. Poor security from your web host can make you vulnerable to costly attacks. Your web hosting provider should prioritise cybersecurity to make your network more resilient. Your hosting provider should offer a specific WordPress hosting plan that you can purchase, where security and optimization are integral.

Customer service issues

Digital technology has opened up new markets, but also made it easier for customers to find more competition. Customer service is a key distinguishing factor for online customers. customers are willing to pay more in exchange for good customer service. You will have access to chatbots, sales reps, customer service online interactions and efficient support tickets. If your web host is unable to respond to technical support requests quickly, they should keep communication channels open and provide a solid network infrastructure to keep in touch with customers. Then, they will move on to someone who can.

WordPress Website Hosting – No growth potential

It’s not about how much bandwidth a website host service provides, although that is a major issue. It’s about how easy it is to scale your services, whether there are limitations on the features you can access, whether you can take on more digital space, or if your website has a fixed size. Good web hosting services will allow your business to expand and scale quickly and even manage multiple accounts.

Limited control and accessibility

Larger companies may require greater control and accessibility to their websites. ManyWordPress website hosting companies limit this. You need this access to install proprietary software and business applications for everything, from client services to e-commerce. It is important to make sure that large groups can be accommodated using email addresses. You also need to have spam filtering in place. Development teams will need access to subdomain and domain systems, as well as root and database access.

Fortunately, at, we can mitigate all these factors. We offer a full range of hosting options from shared right up to a fully clustered environment. Contact us today to discuss your requirements.

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