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Both small and large businesses need to put security at the top of their list of priorities. Our SSL certificate packages can quickly secure your website properly, allowing you to run your online business safely and giving your customers that extra assurance they need to see you as a trusted seller.

The diagram.
The diagram.

Security First

SmartHost’s WordPress Professional Hosting gives you even greater control over your WordPress site, allowing you to make changes easily and securely. Our dedicated WordPress Toolkit gives you simple access to everything WordPress has to offer, making it easy for you to run your WordPress site exactly how you want. All this, together with super-fast SSD drives and fully optimised servers running LiteSpeed makes SmartHost the only realistic choice for WordPress hosting in Ireland.

SSL Certificate Pricing


€89.99 + VAT per year

Need to secure your website quickly? Our TSL DV SSL Package activates instantly, giving your website a strong encryption and safeguarding the data of your website’s users in seconds. Fast. Easy. Simple.

  • Secure Browsing via https

  • 256bit encryption

  • Boosted Google SEO Rankings
  • Browser Padlock

RapidSSL Wildcard

€129.99 + VAT per year

Our Wildcard Rapid SSL Package allows you to quickly secure and encrypt your website and its sub-domains as needed in just a few minutes. This package is perfect for those with multiple websites who need to quickly safeguard their customers online.

  • Secure Browsing via https

  • 128/256bit Encryption
  • Boosted Google SEO Rankings
  • Browser Padlock
  • Unlimited subdomains

GeoTrust True Business ID with EV

€239.99 + VAT per year

The GeoTrust True Business ID with EV SSL Certificate is the ultimate security package for your website. Your customers will get a visual confirmation of the extra security measures you’ve put in place, thanks to the included GeoTrust green address bar. This extra security package can take a little longer to activate, as you’ll need to undergo a detailed company validation check. If you’d like to know more, please get in touch with us and we’ll talk you through it.

  • Secure Browsing via https

  • 256bit Encryption/2048-bit root
  • Extra Security Measures
  • Browser Padlock
  • Green Bar Certification
  • Business/Organisation Identity Validation

GeoTrust True Business ID Wildcard

€429.99 + VAT per year

The GeoTrust True Business ID Wildcard is a Premium SSL Certificate trusted by practically all current internet browsers and devices, providing your site with an outstanding security package to safeguard your customers’ purchases online. This added security can be activated in just 24 hours, too.

  • Secure Browsing via https

  • 256bit Encryption/2048-bit root
  • Industry Leading Security
  • Browser Padlock
  • GeoTrust True Site Seal
  • Unlimited Servers Per Certificate

Any Questions?

A domain name is the address of your website that people type in the browser URL bar to visit your website. This is how people will find your website (e.g,

This is the last part of your domain name. For example, our domain name is, with the .ie being our domain extension. There are plenty to choose from, and our team would be happy to discuss this with you.
Yes. We have made it simple and easy for you to transfer your existing domain(s). Our team will be happy to help with this.
The price of a domain depends on the extension you choose. A .ie domain name will cost €29.99 + VAT per year.

Domain privacy protection stops your personal information from being exposed. Domains must be publicly listed on a WHOIS database that displays personal information for every registered domain. Domain privacy protection ensures your personal information is hidden and is replaced with our details instead.

Other Services

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