Ten10, a leading website hosting provider, announced today that they are now using the Amazon AWS platform to host customer websites. Combined with cPanel control panel built on Amazon AWS servers and SSD drives, customers can expect blazing fast performance from their websites.

“We are proud to offer our customers the power of Amazon’s cloud-based platform for all of their website hosting needs,” said Ten10 Managing Director, Graeme Conkie. “Our new service features unlimited capacity and is fully scalable so businesses can grow at their own pace.”

Amazon’s powerful cloud-based platform provides businesses with a secure and reliable environment for hosting websites. Ten10 customers will benefit from the scalability of the service as well as the ability to manage their websites from one control panel. This allows users to easily keep track of all their domains in one place while also taking advantage of automatic backups and updates.

The move to Amazon’s cloud-based platform also offers users an improved uptime with faster page loading times and better security measures against attacks.

“We’re excited to be partnering with Amazon AWS,” says Conkie. “With this new technology, our customers can rest assured knowing that their websites are hosted on one of the most reliable platforms out there.”

Ten10 is confident that this move will provide its customers with a more efficient way to host their websites while improving quality or performance. With its powerful infrastructure, Ten10 is now able to provide businesses with a secure and reliable way to reach their online audience quickly and effectively.


1. We’re now using Amazon AWS to provide the most reliable, scalable hosting for your website.
2. Our SSD drives ensure that your website loads quickly, no matter how much traffic you get.
3. Our blazing-fast servers make sure that your website is always up and running.
4. And with Amazon AWS’s unlimited capacity means that your website can grow as big as you want it to be.

For questions on how this new service will benefit your website, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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