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Backups are an integral part of our WordPress Care Plans. Learn more about them below.

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Backups are one of the most important tasks of any WordPress website management offering. It is essential to keep a backup of your website in case an update goes wrong, your website crashes or gets hacked.

Ten10 takes daily backups off your mind by scheduling backups and making sure there is always an up-to-date backup available. Our backups are both incremental and off-site and we can successfully back up any WordPress website to our secure off-site Cloud storage array.

Reliable, incremental backups, with off-site storage, ensure the most reliable and secure method of securing your website files and database. Our advanced scheduling allows weekly, daily, and even hourly backups, stored for 90 days. You can rest assured we have a backup option that will suit your requirements.

Managed WordPress Backup Services

We look after scheduling your backups so that is one less thing you need to worry about. We retain backups for 90 days, and you can recover your files from any of the snapshots taken. The Ten10 WordPress backup service is one of the most comprehensive and reliable backup options available today. Our backup service comes as standard with all our Care Plans, or can be purchased as a separate service.

Fully automated

Backups are never left to chance. To ensure 100% success, backups are scheduled during low-traffic times. We can even back up your website as often as every hour depending, on your Care Plan. This ensures that every update to your site is secured and captured.

Backup to Amazon S3 (EU or USA)

We will back up your entire website to the Amazon S3 cloud, so even if your server goes down, no data from your website will ever be lost.

Comes with 24/7 support

Our 24×7 on-call team are on hand if you have an emergency situation that requires an immediate backup (depending on plan)

Up to 24x daily backups

We can backup your WordPress website multiple times per day, and even hourly! This makes sure every change to your site is recorded, captured and available to restore.

US/EU storage choice

We offer our customers and partners the option of storing backups on EU or US servers, which is especially important to comply with GDPR rules.

Restores are handled for you

Restore of your website is carried out by our team of experts who will ensure the safe and reliable recovery of your files.

Include what you want

Only back up the files you need. You can choose which files you want to backup and which ones you don’t.

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WordPress Multisite

WordPress Multisite is also supported by our backup system. Multisite networks can be backed up, cloned and restored in the same way single WordPress installations are managed.

Backups are kept for 90 days and can be restored at any time. We can also provide a download of any backups if you need them for more than 90 days (a small charge applies for each backup archive created).

Any Questions?

Ten10 are specialists in WordPress website design and development. As the world’s most popular CMS, we take advantage of WordPress’s incredible versatility, to deliver your perfect website.

After a website has been published live, the website becomes yours. We grant full admin access to your website and hosting plan at all times.

Ten10 is part of the SmartHost group, which is Ireland’s fastest-growing hosting and domain registration provider in Ireland. Our servers are all located in Ireland, and utilise SSD technology to ensure fast and reliable load times.

All Ten10 websites are fully responsive across all devices. This ensures your website looks great on everything from desktop monitors to mobile phones.

The Website Requirement Meeting allows us to get a clear picture of what you want from your new website. Our team will talk through key points such as the style, functionality and expectation of the site to guide us in the initial design stage.

Absolutely. Our team will discuss this with you during the Website Requirement Meeting, and present a solution that works best for your website’s needs.

We aim to complete each website within 6-8 weeks. If you require a shorter timeframe, let our team know.

The cost of a website depends on the functionality that is required. As a general estimate, our average site cost is between €1000 – €5000. We will always provide a full quotation on completion of a free Website Requirement Meeting.

Other Services

We also offer the following services to go with your website’s Care Plan.

Let us help you build your dream website.

A logo helps your brand stand out.

Maintenance plans for your website.

Sell products directly to your customers.

Hosting on AWS and domain registration

Expert WordPress fix and repair.


The best backups protect your WordPress website by offering these characteristics:

  • Effortless – backups happen automatically on a scheduled basis so you never worry.
  • Reporting – Automatic reporting keeps you fully up to date that your backups are being taken
  • Secure – backup files are stored off-site, on different servers, with redundancy, so you know they’ll always be safe.
  • Instant – you can demand backups at a moment’s notice and restoration happens with a simple phone call or support ticket to our team of WordPress Experts.

At Ten10, we ensure the backup of your WordPress website when purchased with any one of our WordPress Care Plans, or our Backup Only Service.  You can rest assured that we will look after the security and integrity of your website at all times.

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