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Updates and Patches

Updating WordPress can be a tricky business.  Plugins, themes and WordPress core code all need to be kept fully up to date, but sometimes they do not play nice together.  That’s where Ten10 can help.  Our team of WordPress experts know how to make every aspect of your WordPress site work together in harmony.

Included with every WordPress Care Plan is our Update and Patching service.  We will look after all the updates needed for your site, to ensure you are getting the most out of all the latest functions and features, but most importantly that your site is safe and secure from hackers.

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Updates and Patches

Our expert WordPress engineers will safely and securely update your core files and plugins as soon as they are released.

Works with 1 or 100 sites

Just have a single website? Managing several, or even hundreds, of websites? We can help keep all of your sites updated and secured.

Safe procedures

We carry out a screen capture comparison of your website before and after we perform updates to ensure nothing has gone wrong.  If any issues are detected we will roll back to a copy of the site taken just prior to us starting work.

Full summary

Get full transparency into updates, uptime and backups. We will send a detailed monthly report detailing the work we have carried out on your Website. Performance and security are also included if it is included in your plan.

Out of hours updates

We will only update your site during low-traffic hours to make sure nothing ever goes wrong during normal business hours that could impact the site performance or your website visitors’ experience.

Selective updates

If you have a legacy theme or plugins, we will add them to the exclusion list until we find a solution to help you move forward with them. This allows us to manage and maintain the rest of your WordPress website while maintaining full compatibility with the outdated plugin or theme.

Daily checks and updates

Our team of WordPress experts will check and update your core files and plugins on your WordPress site.  As soon as a new update is released, our team will be on the case and update your website within 24 hours.  If there are any issues, we will immediately roll back your site and we will investigate the issue in more detail.  Only with daily checks, can you be sure your site will be as secure as possible

The Process

Here is how our WordPress Patching and Security Updating process works:

Create a restore point

Before we start doing anything, we will take a full backup of your files and database. If anything goes wrong, we can roll back the update to bring your site back online while we investigate the issue.

Send an HTTP request to the website

Once we have taken the backup, we will make sure your site is live and online. If we don’t get response, we stop the process and notify our engineers

Take a “before” page screenshot

We will take a snapshot of the screen for later comparison with an “after” screenshot to spot any inconsistencies or issues

Update plugin/theme/core

We work our magic and update any plugins or core WordPress code

Send another HTTP request to the website

We’ll check everything is still working, and we get a positive response when we try to access your website

Automatically roll back

If any errors are detected with the website, we will immediately roll back to the snapshot we took at the start of the update process

Compare the screenshots

We will finally compare the screenshots and roll back if something is out of place

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