Moving to Amazon AWS

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Ten10, a leading website hosting provider, announced today that they are now using the Amazon AWS platform to host customer websites. Combined with cPanel control panel built on Amazon AWS servers and SSD drives, customers can expect blazing fast performance from their websites. “We are proud to offer our customers the power of Amazon’s cloud-based platform for all of their ...

What is a shared hosting plan?

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What is a shared hosting plan?  There are dozens of web hosting companies in Ireland offering their services. Each of these companies offers multiple hosting plans. Where do you start, and what package do you pick? Will the cheapest option work for me, or will I have to pay for an expensive hosting plan? With so many ...

6 signs your web hosting provider isn’t up to the job

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Choosing the right hosting for your WordPress website is as important as the design and usability of the site. Slow loading speeds If your WordPress website hosting provider does not have the hardware or capacity to handle your traffic, your website will load slowly. This is a problem for consumers today. 50% of mobile users will abandon a website that ...

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